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Hello good evening, I have a question, when will or is there a date for the Princess Guard update? I really liked the game quite a bit, even though it is about 6 days old it is one of my favorite visual novels, I finished playing it recently and I can say that the story is really amazing and interesting, the characters and the graphic design is beautiful and cool, I also quite liked the background music. That is why I wanted to know if a new update will come out soon or it is still a long time away, I hope and you can answer me. Thank you! congratulations on creating a great game! when i have the chance to contribute to the project on patreon i will

How to download to Linux?

will it be sold on steam I dont have a bank card yet? will there be any adult content?

The intent is for the full game to be available on steam, yes.

There won't be any adult content.

thx will it be free?

Again good game so far. My character character/love interest is the Captain of the Castle Guard. Very friendly, but firm when need, a nice balance. Wish there were ways to spend more time with her. Least I think is the princess your player is guarding, so far.

Hope we may someday see a full game.

Amazing. When is the next day of the story or is it all going out at the same time?

Just added the fifth in-game day to the demo, which is the last major story update that it'll be getting.

The rest of the story will be saved for the full version of the game.

I really enjoyed it. I'll wait for the full VN :D Thank You!